Quick JPG to PDF

FAQs of Quick JPG to PDF

1. Which formats of images are supported by Quick JPG to PDF?

Quick JPG to PDF can convert images of JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, WEBP, HEIC formats to PDF.

2. Can I preview the output PDF file before converting?

Yes. Quick JPG to PDF has a preview window so that you can preview the output PDF file easily.

3. Can I choose different page sizes for images in the output PDF file?

Yes. Quick JPG to PDF can specify customized page settings for images. Customized settings include Page Orientation, Page Size, Margins, Fit mothod.

4. How many images can I put in a PDF?

Free user can convert up to 20 images to a PDF file. For Pro user there is no limit.

5. Will Quick JPG to PDF tranmit my files out of my device?

No. Quick JPG to PDF works offline. It does NOT transmit any of your images, documents, including their file information out of your device. Quick JPG to PDF connects to the internet, only when it checks the license information.

6. Where to download Quick JPG to PDF?

Please download it from Microsoft Store.