Quick Repair PDF

FAQs of Quick Repair PDF

1. How do PDF files get corrupted?

PDFs often get corrupted if they are created using software that’s incompatible with standard PDF format. Sometimes, it might be because the file didn't download completely, there's not enough space on your computer, or even a virus attack.

2. Why can Quick Repair PDF fix a PDF file that won't open?

Quick Repair PDF can fix a PDF file that won't open because it scans the original PDF and then recreates it using the standard PDF format. This ensures the repaired PDF is compatible with all the PDF programs.

3. Can Quick Repair PDF fix multiple damaged PDF files at once?

Yes, it can. One of the features of Quick Repair PDF is its ability to batch repair several PDF files.

4. Is my PDF file safe with Quick Repair PDF?

Yes, it's 100% safe. The core conversion function of Quick Repair PDF is based on our private web service. With the app's private security protocols, robust encryption, and the policy to destroy the file immediately after conversion, your PDF file is guaranteed to be safe.

5. Where to download Quick Repair PDF?

Please download it from Microsoft Store.